Share Handmade Kindness

I love making cards and sending them to my friends. I love it when my friends are so happy to get the cards. I can’t express how much I enjoy making them. I love learning new techniques and learning how to use all kinds of mediums. I watch a lot of tutorials and there are a lot of great teachers out there. I have no desire to sell cards. I just think it takes the joy of making them away. Some people wonder why I spend so much time on it. Again, I love it but I think one of my favorite teachers in the art of card making, Jennifer McGuire, says it all in this video.

There are so many ways you can share handmade kindness. I have joined a lot of groups that contribute handmade cards for different reasons and nothing makes me happier.

When I finally get better at this blog thing, I am going to start a page just listing links to places where you can make these contributions.