My Happy Space

My craft room is continually a work in progress.  It used to be in pretty good shape but my Elfa shelving was improperly installed (I guess) and it came down with everything on it.  Luckily no huge damage but I had to remove everything and re do it.  So I redid, with the help of my Son-in-law, all the shelving in the room.  I had added so many new things, as well as spending a lot more time creating and here I am a year later still getting things back in order.  I am going to document, in pictures, the only part I have really gotten back in good order.  This is the part where I spend most of my time and I love it.  So I kind of am ignoring the rest of the room including my husbands little (very little) corner.  I am going to have to get it done soon because it is now getting annoying.


Here was the before we re-did.



Here is my organized space that I use often (and clean up after each project.)  Most of the supplies I use often are very well organized thanks to all the help from fellow craftspeople and their videos.  I purchased a wrap around glass top desk from Office Depot and I love it.  Much better than the Elfa attachment I had.  The desk is much more stable.

IMG_3144 IMG_3145 IMG_3146 IMG_3147